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[WTS]-Tegangkan Payu Dara dgn Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herb
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[WTS]-Tegangkan Payu Dara dgn Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herb
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[WTS]-Tegangkan Payu Dara dgn Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herb 5 years, 3 months ago #10583



1. Cocoa Colagen (For Women To Be Like Virgin Again!)
2. Power Oil VCO 31 (For Men Only!)
3. Power Lotion Brutal (For Men Only!)
4. Virgin Coconut Coffee (For Men and Women Who Want To Get Kinky!!! )
5. Eumora Bar (Your ONE STOP Face/Skin Problem)
6. Aromatherapy PLUS (A Rool-On Solution Outside For Cough, Asthma, Pening, Migrain Problem)

7. Mariam Oil & Herb Soap
8. Habbatus Sauda Baraka From Cairo, Egypt

[b][color=blue]STOCK AVAILABLE, MAKE YOUR ORDER NOW!!![/b][/color]
1st stage : PM me the necessary details as follows :

a. Your nick at SembangRumahtangga Forum :
b. Your Full Name :
c. Your Full Address :
d. Number to be contacted :
e. Active Email :
f. How many units / bottles to order :






Package includes:


Dealing method:

Cash On Delivery(COD) - Area Banting, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Dengkil

Through Maybank2u -
cikfen (Noreffendy bin Mohamed)
Tel : 013-3480876
E-mail : sideincome07[at]
YM - sideincome07
Pos Laju Rates - Semenanjung Malaysia (RM7.00), Sarawak & Sabah (RM9.00)

Payment also could be made through :

MAYBANK -> 1120 2705 8803

CIMB -> 1205-1369893-52-9

Location of seller:
I live in Banting but working in Shah Alam

Age of item:

Item(s) conditions:


Mariam Oil, the traditional way of keeping your breast beautiful, firm and healthy.

Mariam Oil, the sweeping oil that had been used/practice many womens for over the decades to maintain the beautifullness of the breast so that the stay beautiful, firm and healthy. The Mariam Oil was made from the combination of 100% natural product such as extract of virgin oil, serai, kecur, virgin turmeric and various oil extract from chosen herbs and roots. This oil also had been processed with various level and combined with specific invocations. This oil could be used by various age level of womens, pregnant women and also for mother who is breastfeeding their babies.

Mariam Oils helps to :

1. Maintain, tighten and firming the breast.

2. Enlarges and shaping breasts naturally.

3. Regenarate the nerves and veins around the breast.

4. Smooth the circulation of blood around the breast.

5. Smooth the circulation of baby milk for breastfeeding mother.

6. Maintain the healtiness of the breast during pregnancy & delivery.

7. Regenerate skin tissues around the breast.

8. Regenerate both of the breast.

9. Lighten the breast nipple and also the breast.

10. Overcome nipple sunk problem.

Content = 30 ml

Time of use Mariam Oil :

1 time x After Morning Bath (Before the sunrise) & 1 time x After Night Bath / Before sleep.

How to use Mariam Oil :

The technique on how to use Mariam Oil will be included with the Mariam Oil ordered in phamplet form.

Things to be avoided when using Mariam Oil :

a. DO NOT STRIDE/STEP on this Mariam Oil.
b. Mariam Oil CANNOT BE USED during PERIOD TIME.
c. DO NOT USE Mariam Oil after sexual activities. Must clean up your body first.

Additional Information:

-> For breastfeeding mother, please wipe your nipple BEFORE breastfeeding your baby and because Mariam Oil is 100%. Made from extraction of herbs oil and original roots, there should'nt be any problem if accidently swallowed.


Herb Soap to meintain the shape and tighten the breast.
It will activate the 'mammary gland' so that it's will maintain active and this will lead to a healthy breast so that it will maintain firm, tighten dan beautiful.
It is safe to use and does not have side effect.


Caffeine Tea Salicylate Panthenol : one type of caffein from tea tree that live at high place on mountain with cold temperature. The caffein react as an agent to tighten the structure of the breast naturally.

Pegaga : one type of Asian plan whereas specialist found out that it can react as an agent to firm the inner structure of the breast.

Glycerin : react as an agent to destroy the unnecessary fats that will leads to unfirm breast(payudara melondeh) or fall down.

Lanolin Oil : it helpsto mouisterises the breast skin so that it will not be dry during the process of firming and tightening the structure of the breast.


Used this herbs soap each time you have bath. Massage your breast around firmly with the buih and the left it for 3 to 5 minutes. After that you washed it with water.

Encourage to be used with Mariam Oil for more quick and effective results.




Reason for sale:
To do business.


Testimonial 1
I would like to share with you some of my experience after using the Minyak Mariam on my breast, face and butt.

I found this is the cheapest and effective product and please consider me now as one of your loyal customers. I am a bit sceptical about your claims that this oil can do miracle on the breast, but since it is quite cheap i decided to give a try. After all, it makes no difference if i lost another RM35.00 compared to other expensive brands i have tried. Truthfully, i am one of those who would go for brand, but somehow i am hooked with the claim and your stories in lowyat forum, So here goes my testimony:

1. The nipple colour slightly lighter than before
2. My husband notices the changes, truthfully i don't see any significant changes
myself at the beginning, but husband did tell me that the breast looked
rounder, firmer and alluring to his eyes.
3. The nipple lifted (i measure the location of each nipples as you suggested) -
another 0.5cm and 1.5cm to lift - my left and right nipple. Have to concentrate
more on the right breast, i guess.
4. For the first time in 39-year of my life i have the strength to put some
traditional oil on my face! The result is unbelievable! I found my face one
tone lighter, pigmentation sligtly reduced, the fine lines obviously decreasing
and i can feel the cheekbone slightly lifted. For RM25.00 traditional oil that
can do these on my skin and body all that i can say is "wow!"
5. Having noticed the changes on my face, i beginning to feel confident to put
some on my butt. Too early to claim significant changes but i do have to admit
that my butt looked smoother, the colour is a little bit lighter and looked more
supple. I can feel that sometimes there is 'tightness' feeling on my butt. I will
update later on this experiment.

Thank you for sharing this special oil...i am sharing this with my other colleagues as well, so do not be surprised if my next order would be in bulk!

Testimonial 2
Saya dpt MM sebelah tengahari, waktu malam terus sapu-sapuan. Frust! No denyut-denyut macam Jutawan cakap pun?

Hari ke-2 yang diwaktu pagi pun sama, saya frust sangat! Sebelah malam waktu nak tidur breast dah mula berdenyut-denyut. Tak keraplah, tapi memang boleh rasa.

Hari ke-3 denyut-denyut dah gone, frust again tapi this time rasa panas kat area breast pulak. Takutnya kalau breast mengecut!!!

Hari ke-4 saya perasan area breast lebih cerah dari biasa tapi taknak pandang sangat takut perasan sendiri. Then saya dah tak nak perhatikan apa-apa, takut frust lagi. Saya teruskan penggunaan setiap hari seperti yang Jutawan ajar, tapi dah mula nak frust dah. Dalam hati terdetik MM tidak berkesan ke atas saya.

After a few days kemudian walaupun tak ada rasa sebarang reaction berdenyut-denyut, saya noticed keadaan payudara saya 'lain' sedikit - bentuk payudara lebih kemas, paling ketara sekali ialah nipple saya yang menurun sedikit sudah berada di tempat asalnya. Ukuran payudara saya sebelum penggunaan:


kanan : 12cm
kiri : 13 ½ cm
jarak antara payudara : 12cm

sekarang (14/11/07)

kanan : 11cm
kiri : 12 cm
jarak antara payudara 11 ½ cm

Testimonial 3
Myk mariam nie mmg best....asalkan rajin mengamalkannya...gerenti mujarab. memula pakai, breast rasa sakit...berdenyut2 setelah pakai dlm 4 hari. tp sy abaikan semua itu sbb nak tengok hasilnya...pas tu, hilang berdenyut2...bsy pakai subuh, tghari lps mandi & mlm...tghari letak kat puting jer..breast pulak yg tunjukkan kesan...bby nyusu badan pun kalah...sebab air susu terlalu byk..breast pun sentiasa nampak penuh sj...tambah lagik kl pakai bra yg seswai...mmg nampak seksi gitu...hby tengok pun terliur...sekarang nih nipple pun dh nampak pinkish...dulu gelap jer kaler die...especially kl baru lepas bersalin. tp skrg dah tercapai impian nak memiliki nipple yg seksi & pink gitu...kl psl puting, sy tak de masalah sbb puting sy ok jer....tak tenggelam mcm sesetengah org. tp kl nk pakai bra, sy terpaksa pakai bra yg ada padded...kl tak, mmg nampak puting pernah try letak kat muka, mmg rasa lain jer..rasa mcm die tarik muka sy.. mungkin die tgh nak tegangkan muke kot...rasa2 nya itu saja testimoni dari saya....

- nana -

Testimonial 4

AFTER :thumbs:

Testimonial 5

AFTER :thumbs:

Testimonial 6

sy dulu lum kawin pakai 32G skrg dah tambah ke GG lak...terlebih urut kot..
masa baru2 kawin leh lg pakai baju kurung sz S tp sekarang semua kena beli sz M lak..baju thn lepas semua x leh pakai dah..

baru ni sy ada beli minyak mariam dan sabun herba..alhamdulillah pakai seminggu haritu..mcm ada perubahan je..mcm makin tegang je..selalu kalau naik keta lalu je kat jln bonggol2 mesti bergoyang2 je kejanya..
tp skrg dah ok, mcm x effect pun kat breast tu..asben pun ada ckp gak makin tegang..tu baru cuba jenuh gak la pepagi dgn mlm nak kena urut2 dlm 15 min gitu..tapi berbaloi le..skrg kena berenti lak sbb tgh period x leh pakai minyak tu...

pssstt..asben siap cakap suh beli lagi untuk stok..

Testimonial 7

wahhhhhhh...dah ader thread baru rupernyer...punyer la dah lama bwg tak masuk cari nie....hehehehhe.....utk pengetahuan nie mmg best...bwg dah rasa penegangannyer....nipple tue naik je keatas...n biler pakai spagety without bra..nampak cantek jer dari seblom nie.....

*p/s...kak emo, bwg dah terai letak kat montot n muka....tunggu reveal dari bwg ya......hehehhee
-credit to bawang putih from CARI

Testimoni 8

Saya seorang ibu yang ada kerjaya dan dah ada 2 orang cahayamata. Badan saya agak berisi juga tapi payudara saya agak kecut dan sedikit jatuh. Biasalah kalau sudah beranak ni macam-macam dah tak berapa nak jaga. Apa lagi suami pula selalu komen itu dan ini. Dah banyak juga produk yang berada dippasaran ni saya dah cuba, tapi tidak mendatangkan hasil atau tidak memuaskan. Asal ada sahaja produk baru saya akan cuba. Akhirnya saya mendapat tahu tentang Minyak Mariam dari laman web. Setelah berpuas hati dengan keterangan yang diberikan saya terus membuat pesanan. Kesan yang saya alami setelah dalam 2 minggu menggunakan Minyak Mariam ini,..cup bra saya telah terasa hampir penuh..dulu banyak ruang kosong. Bila pakai baju tu agak kurang menarik di bahagian dada tu. Sekarang dah terasa best sangat...dan apa lagi suami saya seronoklah dan suka "xxxxx" kat situ...Memang berkesan Minyak Mariam ini pada saya dan akan order lagi nanti...Oh ya!...saya belum cuba kat punggung dan pipi lagi...yang tu masih ok lagi..hehehe...Mungkin botol yang berikutnya kut...

- moon -

Testimoni 9

Salam kak..
nak kongsi pengalaman ni...lepas pakai set sabun herba n Minyak Mariam (MM) saya tak nampak perubahan awal..cume saya sedar dalam 4 minggu lepas gunakan, kulit di sekitar Payu Dara menjadi lembut n cerah..nipple pon cerah...Payu Dara semakin hampir memnuhi cup seawal 4 minggu pertama...sambil saya urutkan Payu Dara, saya sapukan juga lebihan sabun ke bawah lengan..Ia juga berkesan memutihkan kawasan bawah lengan...MM juga saya sapukan d wajah...kulit wajah saya tak nampak perubahan yg drastik..cuma bibir menjadi kemerahan (more on pink) selepas kerap menyapukan MM pada bibir..sekarang sedang period.., so hold dulu..tak sabar nak sapu n tgk hasilnya lepas ni pulak...


Testimoni 10

Saya baru pakai minyak Mariam dan sabun herba dengan makan Jamu Seri Badan. Payudara saya ini memamg kecik yang amat.. macam budak sekolah darjah 5. Kekadang malu juga..Tapi bila dah pakai sabun herba dan minyak mariam tu ..fuhhh... macam tak percaya.. sehari dua tu dah terasa kelainnya.... takleh sakit.. tapi rasa dia membesar.. kemudian dalam seminggu baru saya rasa sakit berdenyut... nak ramas sakit sgt.. tapi saya suka dengan perkembangan tersebut, payudara saya dah membesar dlm 2 inci... dulu leper jer.. saya letak minyak mariam kat tu kat punggung saya.. ermm saya rasa punggung sy makin kentall.... Bila makan Jamu Seri Badan tu pun saya badan saya rasa sihat dan aktiff.. kalau tak melemau jer... saya baru pakai minyak MM, sabun herba dan JSB dlm 2 minggu tapi dah nampak perubahannya. Dulu payudara saya susah nak nampak lurah dendamm... skrg dah boleh nampakkk... jgn marah.. hehhe...

- ina -
p/s : Cik Ina turut memberi gambar setelah beliau menggunakan Set MM. Pihak kami mengucapkan terima kasih.

Testimoni 11Latest Picture Testimonials from Malaysia user after 2 months using Mariam Oil & Herb Soap :clap:

Contact method/details: :thumbs:

Cash On Delivery(COD) - Area Banting, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Dengkil

Through Maybank2u -
cikfen (Noreffendy bin Mohamed)
Tel : 013-3480876
E-mail : sideincome07[at]
YM - sideincome07
Pos Laju Rates - Semenanjung Malaysia (RM7.00), Sarawak & Sabah (RM9.00)

Payment also could be made through :

MAYBANK -> 1120 2705 8803

CIMB -> 1205-1369893-52-9


-> 03.05.10 - Sold 2 Mariam Oil & 2 herb soap to Miss Yxxxxxx from Petaling Jaya.

-> 05.02.10 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 herb soap to Miss Sxxxxxx from Klang.

-> 05.02.10 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 herb soap to Miss Exxxxxx from Klang.

-> 15.12.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 herb soap to Miss Zxxxxxxxx from Kuala Lumpur.

-> 25.11.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 herb soap to Miss Fxxxxx from Klang.

-> 04.11.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil to Miss Rahimah from Sarawak.

-> 04.11.09 - Sold 1 herbs soap & 1 Mariam Oil to Miss Ixxxx from Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

-> 23.09.09 - Sold 1 herbs soap & 1 Mariam Oil to Miss CWY from Kuala Lumpur.

-> 22.09.09 - Sold 1 herbs soap & 1 Mariam Oil to Miss Lxxxx from Johor Bahru.

-> 11.09.09 - Sold 1 herbs soap & 1 Mariam Oil to Miss Ell from Johor Bahru.

-> 03.09.09 - Sold 1 herbs soap & 1 Mariam Oil to Miss X from Shah Alam.

-> 16.08.09 - Sold 1 herbs soap & 1 Mariam Oil to Miss Yati from Kuala Lumpur.

-> 04.07.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil to Miss N from Putrajaya.

-> 08.06.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 Herb Soap to Miss Faizah from Marang, Terengganu.

-> 01.06.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 Herb Soap to Miss Aisyah from Miri, Sarawak.

-> 14.05.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 Herb Soap to Miss NF from Muar, Johor.

-> 12.05.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 Herb Soap to Miss H from Putrajaya.

-> 04.05.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 Herb Soap to Miss Lydia from Kuching, Sarawak - 2nd Order!

-> 16.04.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil to Miss Noli from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

-> 13.04.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil to Miss N from Batu Pahat, Johor.

-> 02.04.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil & 1 Herb Soap to Puan Haz from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan.

-> 02.04.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil to Puan W from Shah Alam, Selangor.

-> 18.03.09 - Sold 2 Mariam Oil to Miss J from Penang.

-> 07.02.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil and 1 Herbs Soap to Mizz X from Subang, Selangor.

-> 04.02.09 - Sold 1 Mariam Oil to Fyze from Melaka.

-> 22.1.09 - Sold 1 herbs soap to Jean from Sabah.
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[WTS]-Tegangkan Payu Dara dgn Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herb 5 years, 3 months ago #10584

Reserved Untuk Tempahan!!!

[WTS]-Tegangkan Payu Dara dgn Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herb 5 years, 3 months ago #10585

Reserved For FAQ!!!

[WTS]-Tegangkan Payu Dara dgn Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herb 5 years, 3 months ago #10587

Berminat mendapatkan Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herba untuk mengekalkan ketegangan dan kelembutan Payu Dara Anda, just msg saya di 013-3480876 untuk maklumat lanjut.

[WTS]-Tegangkan Payu Dara dgn Minyak Mariam & Sabun Herb 5 years, 3 months ago #10588

Massaging Technique Are Shown Below (Will be provided also if you order Mariam Oil & Herb Soap)
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